Happy November pandas! What’s everyone been up to? The pandas flew to Greece to meet with our newest clients Thomas Cook. We took a 5am flight and flew straight to the beautiful island of Rhodes with our bamboo straws and bathing suits at the ready. Off the plane and into the sunshine, the pandas mission had begun.
We stayed at the most beautiful little boutique hotel, CEASERS GARDENS AND SPA, who are extremely committed to sustainability, the entire place is every nature lovers paradise and perhaps soon you will see some bamboo straws there. Now co-founder Jack was appointed as driver for this trip, luckily myself and our bamboo straws were not harmed in the making. We can now proudly say we supply two hotels within one of the largest hospitality groups, so if you’re after some sun and sustainability be sure to visit Sunwing Kallithea Beach and Sunprime to check our bamboo straws in action.