Hey Pandas, Co-founder Jack and I have been up to some really exciting things and we want to share those exciting moments with you, so we have decided to start a blog!
We just had our first ever pop up space at The Old Truman Brewery in Shoreditch, London and my oh my what a weekend that was!
Now we had absolutely no prior experience when it came to running a public space, however I can safely announce that no pandas were harmed in the making of a cool pup up and the entire weekend, as co-founder Jack loves to say, was a great success.
The weekend was spent spreading awareness about the dangers of plastics and spreading love about the benefits of our super sustainable, eco-friendly products. We also ran a sensational smoothie bar for all the smoothie lovers and we also managed to convert smoothie haters into, yes you guessed it, smoothie lovers.
My personal favourite was our Avolicious smoothie bowl whilst co-founder Jack couldn’t get enough of our Lava Luau.
So here’s a little video I have created to show what went on, behind the scenes, on a very busy evening spent preparing.
If you missed us and didn’t get a chance to see us, don’t worry the pandas will be popping up somewhere soon.
Co-founder and COP (Chief Operating Panda) Maliha.